VISIONS OF JOHANNA: A Bob Dylan Retrospective performed by John B. Meldrum with the World Première of Dylan's songs sung in English with surtitles in FRENCH! C'est magnifique! Une retrospective des chansons de Dylan chanter en VO avec un surtitrage en français, une première!

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Long Live Love

John Meldrum

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Mozart on Broadway

Pop opera in 2 acts written & composed by John Meldrum

for Grand Piano, Soloists, Narrator and Choir


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Using the legendary letters that the diva Storace received from the master as the premise, John Meldrum has composed an original musical based upon the veritable correspondence of the Mozart family. The Lost Letters retraces his eventful life from his birth in 1756 in Salzburg to the family's grand tour of Europe when he was just a child, through to the tragic death of his mother in Paris in 1778 and concluding with his marriage to Constanze Weber in Vienna in 1782. The musical brings to light the early life of the genius and his many emotions: zany and absurd, sometimes obscene yet always fantastic, the raw feelings of a young man finding his way in the world. Built upon a Classical foundation in the Mozartian tradition, Meldrum's music astounds with its playful use of the West End and Broadway codes as well as those of Ravel and Gershwin, Steve Reich and Coldplay. The Lost Letters offers an astounding musical journey that transports the spectator into the mind of the prodigious genius.

A partir des lettres existantes de W. A. Mozart, John Meldrum en a imaginé d’autres, adressées à la cantatrice Anna Storace, The Lost Letters raconte ainsi, avec les propres mots du compositeur, les débuts de sa vie sous des angles moins connus du grand public. Les années d'apprentissage du jeune Mozart, sa séparation douloureuse avec son père Léopold, ses premières aventures sentimentales... Nous découvrons une facette inattendue de ce génie, capable de tellement d'émotions et de sensations, souvent loufoques, absurdes, voire obscènes, mais toujours géniales. Construite sur un fond classique faisant hommage à l’absolue maîtrise musicale de Mozart, la partition détone par des accents typiques des codes du West End ou de Broadway, offrant un mélange original et moderne qui retranscrit de façon inédite l’esprit du jeune prodige.


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