Early Pink Floyd Symposium

Early Pink Floyd Symposium Médiathèque Issy les Moulineaux, 33 rue du Gouverneur Général Eboué, ISSY-LES-MOULINEAUX

In partnership with Le Réacteur and the conservatory of Issy Les Moulineaux, we will look at the songs of Pink Floyd from 1966 to 1972 to examine the road the group takes from their beginnings to their enduring masterpiece Dark Side of the Moon in 1973. We’ll play you the songs, and then after each song, we’ll talk about the song structures, harmonies, and the lyrics; the goal is to try to understand the process of creation for a rock group that was more or less democratic a certain lapse of time, to see if we can get into a discussion on the creativity between the musicians. I’m very happy to present to you today’s musicians from the ATLA Music school in Paris.  Opening Act from ATLA: Dorian Gamba: Drums Sam Jamin: Bass Cedric Selzer: Keys Jamie Kent: Sounds + 2nd guitar Riccardo Morgante and Cassandre Oostek: vox Set List: ASTRONOMY DOMINE SEE EMILY PLAY SET THE SONTROLS FOR THE HEART OF THE SUN THE NILE SONG ECHOES


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