Summer Songwriting 2019 FAQ


Q: Do I have to be a professional Singer-Songwriter to participate?

A: No, you simply have to be passionate about Songwriting and developing your skills set during your week in Paris. The differing performance levels of the participants will enrich the experience for all.

Q:What language is the class given in?

A: The class is given in English, although John speaks French fluently and can translate if necessary.

Q: What if I write songs in a different language than English, is that OK?

A: Yes that’s fine. 

Q: Can my non-songwriting partner/friend come along?

A: Yes, they can come as observers for a reduced fee. Contact John to discuss this option.

Q: Is it possible to record one of my songs during the workshop?

A: You can record with a device of your own (eg: I-Phone, Zoom H2) in the class but to record in the Studios de la Chine with John would be at an additional cost and outside of the Workshop activities schedule.

For any further questions please contact John directly : asso.zapmusic(@)

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