Long Live Love

Genres: Music, Pop

Released: Dec 23, 2005

℗ 2005 Zap Music

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Produced by Pierrejean Gaucher, the renowned French jazz guitarist and composer, “Long Live Love” is a John Meldrum acoustic opus after a long wait after spending time composing and playing guitar for other artists in Paris and London.

"This new recording is a return to the musical roots of when I was growing up listening to James Taylor, Carole King, early Elton John, people like that who really touched me.” 

The songs are haunting in the “love lost never to be found again” genre, yet with some interesting twists. Call it music for a rainy day; the shadows and shimmering lights of the night. It’s for the Paris in all of us : the romantic, wistful atmosphere of the lonely boulevards, a late night tryst with a forsaken lover, the sad café goodbye. 

  1. Heart Split In Two – 3:41
  2. Sing The Blues In Paradise – 3:39
  3. Long Live Love – 3:28
  4. You Set Me Free – 3:07
  5. Holding On To Our Dreams – 4:02
  6. Lost In The Crowd – 4:23
  7. You Can Only Love One Man – 4:04
  8. Just One Night – 4:12
  9. Echoes of angela – 4:25
  10. Bring My Lover Back – 5:24
  11. Ain't No Cure For Love – 5:35


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Long Live Love

John Meldrum

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John Meldrum

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