In Memory of Richard Wright

I have been listening to a lot of Pink Floyd lately in preparation for our concerts in May 2019 of ATOM HEART MOTHER (more on that soon)... and surfing around YouTube (as one does) I stumbled upon a live performance from Royal Albert Hall of Richard Wright accompanied by David Gilmour and his cracking band performing Rick's composition "Wearing the Inside Out".

It just so happens that today is the 10th anniversary of Richard Wright’s passing, and so I've spent a few hours investigating this song and I'd like to share my thoughts with you. What follows are my comments on this particular song and Mr. Wright's immense contributions to Pink Floyd which are somewhat overlooked by the talented and accomplished tandem that makes up Roger Waters and David Gilmour.

COMÉDIENS! A new show by Samuel Sené

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the legendary Théâtre de la Huchette in the heart of Paris, director and musician Samuel Sené has concocted a potent cocktail of song, dance and drama in his startling new production


Set in Paris circa 1948, the musical comedy explores the relationships of Coco, Pierre and Guy to each other and to their art as their provincial theatrical troupe struggles to make it to the big time. 

photo Philippe Escalier

JACK l'Éventreur de Whitechapel


               When the French have a go at the legendary Jack the Ripper story from London in the Victorian era, they are not fooling around. This 90 minute one act Musidrama production of Jack l’Éventreur de Whitechapel is a hybrid musical-thriller that holds one in suspense from beginning to end.

Bô,The Musical Voyage Review

             There are moments in the careers of certain creative artists where all the pieces of the puzzle magically fit together in an ephemeral epiphany. The stars in the sky seem to line up perfectly and the magic of the music carries them to their greatest heights, they are magnified in a kaleidoscopic prism of fleeting beauty, and the audience feels privileged to just be there. In 1973 I felt this as a kid when I saw Pink Floyd perform Dark Side of the Moon out of doors on a summer night in Ohio. And now, many years later, Catherine Lara and Giuliano Peparini have reached the summit of their collective artistry to take us on a new kind of trip in Bô: The Musical Voyage.

Girl From The North Country review

The Bob Dylan canon is fertile ground for anyone’s imagination, but Conor McPherson’s setting of The Girl of the North Country in the 30’s Depression era is a brillant conceit.




Pour un rôle principal dans « The Lost Letters », un Pop-Opéra chanté en anglais qui dépeint la jeunesse mouvementée de Mozart depuis sa naissance jusqu’à son mariage (période antérieure à celle du film Amadeus), l’Association ZAP Music recherche pour un role rémunéré 


Une chanteuse mezzo-soprane / alto Pop-Lyrique motivée et talentueuse avec de l’expérience en matière de danse. Le role de la cousine de Mozart, La Bäsle est ouvert à toute origine ethnique. La cousine de Mozart chante un solo et deux grands duos avec lui. Dans le spectacle il a 22 ans et elle 18; dans la réalité notre Mozart vient d’avoir 30 ans, donc la chanteuse qu’on recherche devrait avoir entre 18 et 35 ans environ.


Des auditions seront à Paris le mercredi 13 septembre prochain dans l’après-midi. Nous jouons trois representations du 20 au 22 décembre 2017 avec plus de dates en 2018. Nous répétons le mercredi soir de 19h à 22h et certains weekends.


Pré-selection par Internet : Envoyez CV avec photo et un ou plusieurs extraits sonores ou liens Youtube, Soundcloud, site web, etc. à : Merci.

TOMMY: A Rock Opera Revived

TOMMY: a rock opera revived

Here's a synopsis of the show:

Cpt. Walker's plane is shot down during World War 2 and he is presumed dead. Nora Walker meets Frank Hobbs while her son, Tommy is attending "Bernies Holiday Camp" and they are quick to get married. However, one day Cpt. Walker comes home. Tommy follows his silhouette and sees his murder through a mirror that captures his and his fathers soul. Nora and Frank tell Tommy that he didn't see it, hear it, and to never speak of it. This causes him to go Deaf, dumb and blind. They try a few cures, such as a preacher that believes Marilyn Monroe can heal, and a woman named Gypsie "The acid queen". They then give up, and to get out of the house they leave Tommy with the relatives. First up, Cousin Kevin who tortures him. Then Uncle Ernie, who rapes him. Then they decide to leave him by the mirror, which he curiously stares into almost all day. He sees himself beckoning him, and Tommy follows, straight to a junkyard where he finds a device that will change his life, a pinball machine. He becomes the world's greatest player, which makes his family rich. They go to see a doctor, that tells them they need to find some kind of shock to bring Tommy back into our world. The shock comes in the breaking of the mirror, that frees his soul. He believes that he is the new messiah, and a religious cult is formed around him.

Written by Haruka Sawaguchi (harsawa AT review

Impressions of by Damon Albarn, Moira Buffini and Rufus Norris


I was invited to the Dress Rehearsal of at the Theatre du Châtelet on Sunday June 5th, 2016 and as I waited in the train to go home, I jotted down my impressions.

Act 1 very impressive, a virtuosic mise en scène with gliding chairs and trains, Alice suspended from...

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